AR Sumo

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Augmented Reality Sumo Game

Push opponent out.
Your rank moves based on tournament's results.
Try to reach for YOKOZUNA, the highest rank.


    • Augmented reality figures of Sumo wrestlers crash on the Sumo ring.
    • You win by either pushing your opponent out of the circle or pushing your opponent down within the circle.

    • Keep tapping on the screen to move your sumo wrestler figure in the front to push your opponent out of the circle.
    • Use multiple fingers to tap on the screen quickly to move your figure more powerfully.
    • By tilting the devices to the right and left during match, your figure will move right and left moderately.

    • There are two tournament leagues. MAKUUCHI is upper league and JURYO is lower league. Each tournament has 15 matches.
    • The highest rank is YOKOZUNA. The rank is 1.0.
    • When you win more than half of 15 matches in a tournament, your rank will go up.
    • When you lose more than half in a tournament, your rank will go down.
    • KOMUSUBI rank or higher require higher standard to go up the rank.
    • Try to reach for YOKOZUNA, the highest rank.

    2. OZEKI
    6. JURYO

  • System requirements.

      iPhone6s, 6sPlus or later.(A9 chip or later.)
      iOS 12.2 or later.

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