Big Wave Surfing

iPhone/iPad App
2D Game App


Ride Big Waves. Be A Hero.

Ride big waves.
Jump and turn.
Feel breeze and splash.
Try to pass 10,000 points.

  • Big Wave Surfing is a surfing type quick game.

    Game Summary

    • Easy to control.
    • Can play with one hand
    • Tap, tilt left and right to control surfer
    • Each stage 60 Seconds
    • Stay in dark blue zone by controlling surfer
    • Target green surfboard by controlling surfer
    • Avoid to contact with jellyfish or seal
    • Move next stage by exceeding required score
    • Complete score with other players through Game Center
    • Free

  • System requirements.

    iOS 12.1 or later.

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  • The New Life Enterprise, LLC

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