Space Battle AR

iPhone/iPad App
Augmented Reality Game App


AR Space Shooting Game

Try immersive experience with AR space shooting game.
You are sitting in the middle of virtual space.
UFOs are flying over your head.
Move device to shoot down UFOs.

  • Space Battle AR is a high speed space shooting game. Place virtual space in the real world and play shooting game in the surrounding galaxy. With Augmented Reality, you can enjoy immersive experience without VR equipments. Because this is not regular 3D game, move device quickly toward targeting flying UFOs. Tap and hold screen to shoot continuously. Try shooting down as many UFOs as possible within the time limit.

    1. AR space shooting game
    2. AR immersive experience
    3. Play in the virtual space
    4. Move device toward targets
    5. Tap and hold to shoot continuously
    6. High speed
    7. Simple rule
    8. Each stage less than one minute
    9. Move next stage by exceeding required score
    10. Orange gauge displays your achievement in each stage
    11. Compete score with other players through Game Center
    12. Free

    1. Sit on a chair
    2. Find a flat surface on the floor until blue mesh appears
    3. Tap blue mesh on the screen
    4. Look forward
    5. Move device toward targets
    6. Tap and hold to shoot down UFOs

  • System Requirements.

    iPhone6s, 6sPlus or later.(A9 chip or later.)
    iOS 12.1 or later.

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